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Health Care Domain-

New Marhaba Travels is a pioneering HR travel consultancy which is known in India and world over in conceptualizing, planning, organizing recruitment drives and providing a comprehensive set of HR services, tailored according to our client's requirements. For the past three decades, we have been recognized for our epitome operational efficiency, professional business ethics, sense of providing utmost importance to maintaining client relationships and a 360 degree feedback system. This makes us stand apart and outshine than our peers and competitors. No wonder, we are the most preferred choice when it comes to providing an end-to-end Human Resource Consultancy services. Approved by the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are a specialist recruiting agency for following group of professionals, specifically in the health domain: 1. Consultants, Specialists and Resident doctors 2. Nurses of all kinds and falling under various categories 3. Paramedical staff HEALTHCARE DOMAIN EXPERTISE www.newmarhabatravels.com We recruit nurses belonging to different categories, depending upon the needs and requirements of the client. Some of the categories in which we recruit, but not limited to: Licensed Practical Nurses, Travel Registered Nurse, Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse, Operating Room Nurse, Staff Nurse, Surgical Registered Nurse, Critical Care Registered Nurse, Pre-Natal and Neo-Natal Care Nurses, Anaesthesia and Post-Anaesthesia etc. For each group, we have a dedicated set of highly skilled professionals and networks who work round the clock in ensuring that right people are recruited for appropriate posts, and accomplish a win-win situation for both employer as well as prospective job applicants. This approach of creating and maintaining a congenial environment for all the stakeholders has and continues to propel us in the pursuit of human resources recruitment and management. Since there are a hierarchy of medical professionals, we are equipped and skilled enough to gather the pulse of the client accordingly and plan for their recruitment with appropriate professionals accordingly. Right from the screening process, we provide a comprehensive step by step hand holding guide and assist to recruit skilful, employable professionals according to the needs of our clients. In addition to recruitment, we also arrange for various services such as ticketing, tours, visa processing, hotel accommodation, travel insurance, certificate attestation, airport meet and greet services etc. We specialize in recruitment for international clients with a global presence, providing manpower solutions to clients in the Gulf and the Middle East regions. Quality and cost consciousness with respect to client is the overarching mantra which drive our operations. Based on the business goals enunciated by our clients, we prepare a detailed roadmap for HR recruitment. In this pursuit, we vouch for business relations driven by ethics, mutual trust, respect for client's preferences which has contributed for our distinguished standing in the world of HR consultancy. Integrity in all business dealings, working as a cohesive team to achieve common goals, eagerly receptive to changes which contribute to overall development, providing equal opportunity to all irrespective of gender, caste, creed, origin, religion reflects in our overall service philosophy. We always strive in imbibing and internalizing an efficient, economic and effective work culture which keeps our wide clientele happy and satisfied. We have a wide ranging database of medical professionals collated from various sources, which is dynamic and evolves according to the changing nature of healthcare professionals' recruitment. Our abled recruitment experts discuss, and sift through such raw data into intelligible categories and prepare the job prospectives aligned to the rapidly changing healthcare domain expertise. In the domain of healthcare, we can humbly propose that very few understand the vibes of both clients and professionals better than us. Aligning and re-aligning ourselves quickly according to the booming healthcare job market in the Middle East, we have a penchant of quickly identifying the emerging job market requirements, and hence we prepare our HR consultancy strategies beforehand. This ensures that we stay ahead of the curve always, by acknowledging the impact of the cyclical nature of job market, challenges and vagaries of dealing with a varied and unique clientele and aligning the pool of job applicants according to the requirements of clients. It is not only essential to have the required skill set but indispensable to have an expertise which is recognized as the best - we help the clients in achieving this satisfaction. Healthcare is an emerging domain of recruitment in Middle East, and going forward where patients' come first and providing care is paramount, we continually strive to provide a channel continuum which connects healthcare professionals with the world class healthcare infrastructure facilities in the Middle East. We at New Marhaba Travels are in a continual pursuit to providing sustainable, profitable, engaging and positive experience for all our healthcare clients in Middle East and are expanding fast. As we aim for the sky in terms of service delivery, and deliver on the ground in terms of customer happiness, we are happy to leave an indelible mark etched forever in everybody's life we touch and connect.

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